Tree Pruning

Mature and young trees alike need some sort of pruning on a regular basis. Pruning is required for a variety of reasons which determine specific techniques. Some homeowners choose to go it alone, but they might be doing more damage than good. The certified arborists at West Valley Arborists will evaluate your flora, learn about your aesthetic preferences, and determine the best methods and frequency for pruning your trees. We provide professional tree pruning in the Greater Bay Area to leave your yard looking its best throughout the year.

Why Prune Your Trees?

Homeowners prune trees for many different reasons which revolve around improving the structure of the tree, making their yard safe from hazards, and controlling for size and overgrowth. Other reasons homeowners might prune include opening up panoramic views on their property, repairing damage from ravaging winds and storms, and preventing growth from getting too close to structures, walkways, or driveways. Pruning also helps trees; it is necessary to maintain your trees’ health. Not only will pruning allow your trees to better withstand storms, but it will help them avoid disease, too.

What Are Some Common Types of Pruning?

The type of tree and the purpose for pruning requires a different approach for each tree. The professionals at West Valley Arborists will help you determine the right technique for each specific tree in your yard.

Here are some common techniques our certified arborists might use to beautify your yard:

Cleaning: A strong storm might require some tree cleaning, but sometimes nature does that job. Even so, regular cleaning of your trees is one of the best things you can do to maintain health. Cleaning involves removing broken, dead, and diseased branches, which are often dangling from the parent limb. Not only does cleaning make a tree healthier, but it makes your yard safe from falling branches and limbs and makes your yard visually stunning.

Crown Raising: This technique is often used on younger trees to encourage upward growth. Raising the crown requires the removal of carefully selected lower branches, leaving space below the tree. Crown raising is also a popular pruning technique to clear areas away from structures and allow room for pedestrians. Professional tree care specialists will ensure not too many branches are removed, which can prevent the tree from developing a strong trunk.

Crown Thinning: Thinning involves removing select secondary branches in the crown, allowing more air and light to filter through. While thinning helps keep the tree a certain shape, it also reduces shade in areas where you want more sun to shine. Crown thinning, like other tree trimming techniques, are best performed by professionals who won’t damage the long term health of the tree by removing too much of the crown.

Crown Reduction: Reduction is similar to thinning, except for all branches in the crown are pruned to reduce the size of the tree. Crown reduction should be a last resort because it removes so much of the foliage compared to other pruning techniques. Homeowners often opt for reduction when trees are too close to their house, garage, storage shed, or other structures. Crown reduction also keeps trees which are planted close together from competing with each other.

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Great company to work with. Simon communicated well and arrived on time to provide an estimate to trim back several trees in our front yard. His crew showed up promptly as scheduled, and the project was completed, clean and professional.

Jordan Z.
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West Valley Arborist did wonderful job on our oak tree. It looks amazing and we get complements eryday. They were very professional and took their time to do best work. We would definitely use them again in future. They did all the trimming of the huge tree, clean up and deep roots watering.

Barbara S.
Los Altos, CA

West Valley is great. I heard great things about them from San Jose. Thought they would be much more expensive. But their quote was less then most of the other companies. And they did a great job. Communication was great and they finished the job on time

Liam G.
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