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Stump Removal and Stump Grinding in San Jose, CA

Whether a stump is a result of a storm or an intentional tree removal, some homeowners choose to let a stump decay into the surrounding soil. This is not always the best solution, especially when using harsh chemicals to encourage decay. The certified professionals at West Valley Arborists provide stump removal services in San Jose, CA. In an effort to provide the safest, most environmentally friendly service, we remove the vast majority of stumps by using a stump grinder.

Why Should You Remove a Stump?

Maybe you moved into a new home and intend to do some landscaping, maybe you had a tree removed, or maybe you are cleaning up after high winds or lightning caused damage to a tree. In any case, three broad reasons exist for the desire to remove a tree stump.

  • Stumps don’t look pretty. When you are strolling around your yard or gazing out the window, old stumps sticking up are unsightly, especially over time when plants, grass, and weeds grow on and next to them.
  • Stumps can monopolize space. If you have a small yard, you want to use the area to its fullest potential. Tree stumps take up space and get in the way in small yards. Once you remove a stump, you don’t have to mow around it anymore, either.
  • Stumps can be dangerous. Many stumps are large enough to see, but some smaller stumps hidden in weeds and grass can become trip and fall hazards for homeowners, children, and guests.

Why DIY Attempts at Stump Removal Fail

Tree removal can be a tough job, even for professionals who have the training and experience to deal with challenging situations, but digging out a stump might be one of the most challenging aspects of tree care. Homeowners who aren’t in a rush to remove a stump sometimes use commercial stump removing chemicals to promote decay of the wood. These solutions take years to destroy the wood and leave homeowners with an unsightly eyesore when they are trying to landscape in a particular area or plant new trees. Hiring experienced tree care specialists from West Valley Arborists will save you the frustrating task of trying to remove a stump on your own.

Stump Grinding in San Jose, CA

The safest and most efficient way for stump removal in San Jose, CA involved stump grinding. A stump grinder is a machine with a special wheel to grind a stump and its roots into wood chips. In most cases, a stump grinder can grind a tree stump up to six inches below the ground. Our specialists at West Valley Arborists can take care of your stump removal needs. In some cases, we can remove the stump completely, and in other cases, we can shave the stump down so it is even with the ground.

Safety First

Our tree care specialists at West Valley Arborists keep safety at the forefront of the stump removal process. Before we remove your stump, we will assess your property, locate potential utility-line hazards, and provide you with an estimate for removal. Additionally, we avoid using harsh chemicals which might contaminate your ground water, making the area safe for replanting or using the area immediately after removal is complete.

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Great company to work with. Simon communicated well and arrived on time to provide an estimate to trim back several trees in our front yard. His crew showed up promptly as scheduled, and the project was completed, clean and professional.

Jordan Z.
Santa Clara, CA

West Valley Arborist did wonderful job on our oak tree. It looks amazing and we get complements eryday. They were very professional and took their time to do best work. We would definitely use them again in future. They did all the trimming of the huge tree, clean up and deep roots watering.

Barbara S.
Los Altos, CA

West Valley Arborists and Simon did an amazing job. The crew worked quickly and efficiently. Sensitive areas of my property were carefully protected. Not to mention the end result was a beautiful front and back yard my wife and I admire endlessly.

Alex D.
San Francisco, CA

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