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Why You Should Prioritize Planting Trees for Your
Next Landscaping Project

No landscaping project is complete without trees. And California, in general, offers landscape enthusiasts a wide range of native trees perfect for landscaping. However, it’s a good idea to work with a local arborist who specializes in the cultivation and management of California trees and shrubs.

And California, in general, offers landscape enthusiasts a wide range of native trees perfect for landscaping. However, it’s a good idea to work with a local arborist who specializes in the cultivation and management of California trees and shrubs, as well as many other perennial “woody” plants.

Planting Trees Should Be a Landscaping Priority

When the right trees are planted, they become the backbone of pretty much any landscaping design. Not only do they provide an aesthetic appeal but trees possess numerous practical functions as well, from providing shade on hot sunny days, producing fruit, to maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Furthermore, adding trees to your residential or commercial property is a relatively affordable investment in the overall environment.

For those on a tight landscaping budget, planting trees should be the first thing on your list. Unlike decorative garden plants and shrubs, trees tend to offer a “fuller” look for your yard, are comparably cheaper to plant and maintain, and, if done correctly, are capable of surviving the various harsh conditions its native environment subjects it to.

A few other benefits of planting trees on your property include:

  • Trees act as a noise buffer. When trees are planted strategically, they can decrease the surrounding noise pollution by nearly 40 percent.
  • A wall of full-grown evergreen trees act as an insulator during the cooler months by blocking cold winds from reaching your home. It has been reported that homeowners reduce heat loss by 10 to 50 percent during the winter months thanks to these robust pine trees.
  • Tree roots prevent soil erosion and sediment accumulation in nearby bodies of water.

Among this very short example, there are countless other environmental, social, and personal benefits of planting trees for your upcoming landscaping project. To learn more about other great reasons why you should prioritize planting trees at the very beginning of a landscaping job, feel free to contact us here at West Valley Arborists. We’ll be more than happy to share what we know.

Know Which Trees Pose Potential Problems Before Buying

Like all things involving the delicate balance of nature, not every tree is suitable for every area. Additionally, a tree that exists harmoniously only a few miles away might possibly become a hazard and a danger later on if planted in a location not suited for it.

A perfect example is the Silver Maple tree, a species that is infamous for growing V-shaped branches that end up pushing against and damaging structures. Silver Maples also have intrusive root systems that damage underground pipes and foster white grub infestations (white grubs feed on grass roots resulting in your grassing dying off).

Another example of a tree with a poor reputation is the Bradford Pear. While the trees start off very promising, if they’re planted in a location known for heavy, windy storms or really icy winters, its inherently weak structure usually can’t hold up.

With that said, be sure to contact someone who is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to tree planting.

Inquire About Tree Technology

“New and improved” tree species are always under development at specialized nurseries that operate nursery propagation programs where wonderful improvements have been made in improving and strengthening previous varieties. Thanks to this technology, you now have a few choices of trees resistant to leaf diseases, among other things.

Choosing the Right Place for Each Tree

Depending on whether you decide to plant one tree or 20, choosing the right place for each one of them is a crucial aspect of not only assuring you’re happy with your choice but that the tree is happy with your choice as well.

Trees need room to grow tall and fill out, so be sure to plant it in an area of your property where the tree can live out its incredibly long life instead of finding out 15 years later it’s threatening to damage power lines or your home.

Employing an Arborist to Assist You

From choosing the perfect tree(s) to picking the right location for planting; from the planting process to the subsequent maintenance, ensuring that your tree(s) grow healthy takes work. For that reason, our seasoned team of ISA certified Arborists is your best choice for all of your tree-related needs, whether it be consulting, planting, removing, trimming, or general tree maintenance. For more information about planting trees, contact West Valley Arborists.

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